There are children all over the world who do not receive even a meal on the holidays, let alone a gift. For less than the cost of a ride on the subway you can help make dreams come true.



Thank you for visiting and for your support in helping make A CHILD’s WISH come TRUE!

The holiday season is a time for families, and for many children, they unfortunately are do not experience the festive season as they so desperately deserve. HAVEN HANDS organizes toy drives all over the world, as well as raises money to make children’s holiday wishes come true. HAVEN HANDS works to make the wishes of children come true, no matter how big or small.

This holiday donate your gift,  money, time or any support to children in West Africa Ghana and Haiti.  join us to serve and save Orphan children and to celebrate the holiday with hope and the warmth of love your support and donations will afford them.

Hope, education and play are a pivotal aspect of any child’s development, and without your aid, there are millions of children that are unable to experience either. With our aid, these children all over the world are given a spark of hope, a bit of sunshine that helps jumpstart their development and lead them to a future to be proud of.

Donate today to make a child’s Christmas wish come true. Don’t know what to get that special someone in your life for Christmas? Donate to HAVEN HANDS in their name and give them the card, you will make two Christmas miracles come true.