Haven Hands specializes in helping children all over the world. They are often times the most vulnerable, and most in need of help. If we are worried about our future, we need to make sure we protect the children of tomorrow.

Location has less to do with those we help, as we go where we are needed rendering aid. We seek to help developing countries, who often times find themselves hit the worst by natural disasters with no way to provide aid themselves.

Children Affected during Natural Disasters

Haven Hands brings medical aid, food, toys and support to children in areas affected by natural disasters. In Haiti, Haven Hands were among the first responders and spent considerable time giving aid to children all over the country.

Disabled Children

Haven Hands gives aid to disabled children all over the world by helping provide schooling, helping with transportation to schools with facilities tailored to their needs, giving aid to parents of disabled children, and giving disabled children hope that their future is as bright as any other child.

Malnourished Children Around the Globe

Underprivileged children are a large focus for HAVEN HANDS, as 3.1 million children die from hunger each and every year. HAVEN HANDS supplies food and medical aid that these children would otherwise never receive. Children are our future, and we need to give them every chance to thrive, no matter their location.

Children in foster care

Foster care is a major focus for Haven Hands, as there is no substitute for a good home. Haven Hands works closely with foster services around the world to get as many children adopted as possible, as well as give them the best conditions while they are in foster care.

Eye Health for children around the globe

Eye health is something that is taken for granted, as there are 1 billion living with impaired/nearly impaired vision, most of which stem from either easily treated or easily preventable conditions. Children are the most affected by eye health, as without vision their chances of receiving an education all but disappear in most of the world.

Clean Water and Sanitation in Destitute Areas, Globally

Haven Hands brings aid all over the world to areas that do not have an ample source of clean water or adequate sanitation. Every minute a child dies due to lack of clean water, and Haven Hands is dedicated to preventing as many of those as possible, as well as improve sanitation conditions in destitute areas, as improperly handled sewage causes the vast majority of illnesses around the world.

Underprivileged Children with dreams and ambition to be the leaders of tomorrow

HAVEN HANDS knows that children are our future, no matter their upbringing or place of birth. Children all over the world deserve the chance to achieve their dreams, especially if they have the dream and drive to make a change in the world. HAVEN HANDS brings these future world leaders the opportunity to receive the education they desire to reach their goals.

Children with no access to quality education

Children are the future, but without a proper education, that future is wasted. It is an all too real fact that there are millions of children all over the world who do not have access to quality, or even basic education. Future world leaders and inventors of the next greatest invention are potentially being deprived of the very building blocks of what is needed to make a change.