The mission of HAVEN HANDS Inc is to have every single child across the world have everything they need and never be in need. HAVEN HANDS does not stand by while a child is stricken by hardship, be it from being orphaned, being affected by a natural disaster or experiencing emergencies such as unsafe drinking water or easily preventable and treatable diseases, HAVEN HANDS will be where children are in need.



HAVEN HANDS Inc and its subsidiaries have the ever-present goal of giving children all over the world a chance to live. By building and installing wells, proper latrines, providing medical care, adoption services, and just about every other kind of aid, HAVEN HANDS has the lofty goal of ensuring that there is no child in need.

  • Reduce the of number of child deaths due to hunger
  • Supply aid next-day after natural disasters
  • Facilitate 10,000 adoptions through HAVEN HANDS in 2019
  • Build new schools in areas of conflict to improve education
  • Improve medical facilities that will lead to less orphans.

Board of Directors

Redeemer Resk ‘Que

Chairman of HAVEN HANDS INC. and The Rescue Project – Entrepreneur, visionary, Life Guru, Humanitarian and Philanthropist


Dr. Maabou Kludze

PharmD, MBA, BCPS, CDE. Director-at-Large for the New York City Society of Health-system Pharmacists and a Board member for The Alliance for Positive Change.


Dee Paul

Board member and Project Director of Haven Hands Inc., serves as a direct link between various outreach programs that enriches the lives of women and children in Africa and Haiti.


Honorable Isaias Medina

Former Senior diplomat representing Venezuela at the United Nations. Climate and Environmental activist.


Dr. Belinda Oyinkan Marquis

Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy at Weill Cornell Medical Center.


Edwin Apaloo

Co-founder, Board Director and President of Associated Renewable Inc. Works to integrate ‘new generation’ green technologies in New York City’s built environment


Board of Advisory

Dr. Diana Morvey

Physician who became dedicated to helping those in need after volunteering in Ghana, has an emphasis on eye health.


Dr. Adetunbi T. Ayeni

Associate Program Director of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital


Dr. Yao Kaledzi

Practices Family Medicine and general surgery in New York City, he is a lifelong supporter of spreading medical aid to those in need