Educate a Child

HAVEN HANDS Inc believes that all children deserve an education, regardless of their origin, financial situation, creed or beliefs. Many children cannot afford to attend school, or lack transportation, clothing or supplies to chase their dreams. HAVEN HANDS has several solutions to this, including sending teachers to areas in need, sending money to help children have supplies for school, and building schools in areas that have none.


Hurricane Relief

Hurricanes are and have always been a major source of destruction for the world. Many times children are affected the most from hurricanes, especially those who are orphaned. Without proper care, these children are left homeless with no access to food or water.


Orphanage Outreach

By creating a network with orphanages all over the world, HAVEN HANDS spreads awareness of these orphanages, and gets the word out about just how many children are left orphaned all over the world and need a loving family. By working closely with orphanages, HAVEN HANDS ensures every child has a chance in life, no matter their upbringing.


The Rescue Project

One of the subsidiaries of HAVEN HANDS INC., is THE RESCUE PROJECT, aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for over 200 million individuals worldwide by raising $20 million for the cause. With a genuine passion for protecting the health and well-being of those deprived of necessities throughout the world, The Rescue Project uses its pillars of pure altruism and dedication to increase the supply of safe water and ensure healthy eyesight by the year 2020 through such forms of aid as: drilling wells, improving sanitation by constructing proper latrines, improving eye care and much more.

With a campaign conveniently named, “The Vision 2020 Campaign,” The Rescue Project believes that by increasing the access to such a simple element of life such as water can change the lives of millions. The organization, backed by and named after Redeemer “Resk” Que, is targeted towards Sub-Saharan African countries, but upholds an objective to advocate for healthy drinking water in Asia, East Europe, Latin America, and everywhere else that clean drinking water is scarce.


A Child’s Wish

The holiday season is a time for families, and for many children, they unfortunately are do not experience the festive season as they so desperately deserve. HAVEN HANDS organizes toy drives all over the world, as well as raises money to make children’s holiday wishes come true. HAVEN HANDS works to make the wishes of children come true, no matter how big or small.

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Children Empathy Drive

HAVEN HANDS is a worldwide effort, and that extends to the aid we request. Throughout every year, HAVEN HANDS organizes several large drive efforts to benefit children in need all over the world. Without your aid, we can never reach our goals of changing the world for children all over the world. If you are at all able, please consider helping change a life today. As part of the Children’s Empathy Drive we have the following: 1.Food Drive 2. Fashion Drive 3.Toy Drive


Food Drive

Food is the single most important necessity in life, and there are far too many children all over the world who are deprived of it, both locally as well as internationally. HAVEN HANDS organizes and supplies food drives in areas that are in desperate need.


Fashion Drive

Clothing is a necessity that many of us are all too guilty of taking for granted. Far too many children are left cold in the winter without proper winter clothes, and many children around the world simply do not have enough clothing to live with. By donating clothing, you are guaranteeing that a child stays warm at night, and has clothes to wear to school.


Toy Drive

Toys are something that children in many developing countries have no concept of. Even locally in your area, there are children who have no toys to play with. By donating toys you are ensuring that a child’s imagination is given a chance to run free.

Mother Aid

Mother’s Aid

Mothers are what bring about the next generation

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