We at The Rescue Project are proud to announce the launch of our first campaign—Vision 2020. Vision 2020 aims to raise $20 million to provide clean water and sanitation for over 200 million people worldwide by the year 2020.

The Rescue Project created Vision 2020 to provide people around the world with basic necessities. Our main objective is to make the world a better place by improving safety, sanitation, and increasing access to the most elemental necessity of life—water.

Vision 2020 sits extremely close to the heart of our Chair of the Board of Directors, Resk ‘Que KitiKata. Born and raised in West Africa, where he also lived until his early teens, Resk ‘Que’s earliest experiences in life were impacted by issues from water scarcity, inadequate sanitation and improper eye health.

With Vision 2020, Resk ‘Que is drawing inspiration directly from his upbringing, honoring his mother by helping improve the lives of millions more women and children. As a child, Resk ‘Que’s mother lost her eye when someone maliciously threw a stone that struck her in the face. The injury would have been innocuous and easily treatable in the U.S. Instead, due to a lack of proper preventative care and maintenance, his mother lost her eye.

He also has memories of waking before dawn to find water to bathe or drink, a task his mother and many other women in sub-Saharan Africa are burdened with daily. Clean water is often a scarcity in developing nations, which is perhaps why the majority of health issues stem from exposure to unsafe water. Often, it is the task of women in villages to find safe water. Their quests often take them away from their homes for several hours each day. Even after finding water, it’s quality can often be less than satisfactory, spreading disease and ruining harvests.

For Resk ‘Que, the issues of unsafe water and poor medical care are directly connected. To help him achieve his goals with Vision 2020, Resk ‘Que has assembled an advisory board of premier doctors and professionals, who will be consulted during every step of the way. On the advisory board are: John Lenker, Dr. Adentunbi Ayeni, Dr. Quinee Patel, Dr. Yao Kaledzi and Dr. Anukurade Ketosugbor.

Vision 2020 will be providing clean water and sanitation in developed and developing countries through creative innovations and partnerships around the globe. We are also making it our mission to ensure healthy eyesight and basic eye care become the new standard globally. Our campaign will provide training and supply medical personnel with the necessary supplies to restore the world’s sight to health. Through Vision 2020, we will be raising awareness and educating others on the issues of water safety and sanitation, especially as it pertains to water-related diseases, deaths, and vision health.

With Vision 2020, we are able to bring both immediate aid and lay the foundations for future health in destitute areas. Already, our ancillary arm, The Rescue Project, has brought water to areas in need, such as Flint, Michigan; we’ve also built proper latrines and begun drilling wells in some areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To first combat issues in developing areas surrounding unsafe water, we’ll be building and installing wells, filtration systems, irrigation systems and latrines. Such projects are essential for village communities where water is scarce. Their construction will lay the foundations for improved water supply, better health and a sustainable future, for adults and children alike in affected areas.

We at The Rescue Project believe that preventative action is the best step for a healthy future. In the fight against global eyesight impairment, we prioritize preventative care and measures above all else. That’s why we’ll be setting up pop-up eye screening facilities in the areas that need them most. In diagnosing eyesight issues before they start, treatments will be more successful and the overall health of communities will only improve. As always, we always firmly believe in education as the best foundation for future generations. As such, we’ll be educating others on the dangers that eyesight impairment presents to those most affected, opening the eyes of the world in more ways than one.

Although Vision 2020 prioritizes Sub-Saharan Africa as our first area of to provide aid, we recognize that there are people in need of clean water and proper eye care all over the globe. Location has little to do with where we send help, as we go where aid is most required. Throughout, we will also be ensuring that areas such as Southern Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Latin America will also receive similar aid. Our mission is both far-reaching and far-seeing.


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