The Rescue Project’s Second Annual Vision 2020 Benefit Ball Exceeds Expectations, Raising Awareness on Access to Clean Drinking Water & Eye Health

The Rescue Project, a subsidiary of HAVEN HANDS Inc, hosted its second annual Vision 2020 Benefit Ball to a full house on November 12, 2018 in the heart of New York City. The Vision 2020 Campaign aims to raise money to support women and children gaining access to clean drinking water and proper eye healthcare all over the world. Those in attendance witnessed dignitaries, speakers and VIPs such as Founder and Chairman of The Rescue Project, the Fashion and Business Guru Redeemer Resk ‘Que, give facts and figures on the issues plaguing the world and also insight on how the Vision 2020 Campaign fundraising of about one hundred thousand dollars ($100K) will go a long way  in aiding thousands of people by providing hundreds of wells and sanitary systems in two communities, one in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa and the other in Haiti.


This year’s Vision 2020 Ball was hosted by Actress/Musician/Influencer Kreesha Turner as the Master of Ceremony (Mistress of Ceremony). The night began with a Red Carpet portion and cocktail reception with a musical prelude by the Musical Duo Frances Rose. This led into an introduction by host Kreesha Turner, which led into the first speakers of the evening, Dr. B. Oyinkan Marquis & Dr. Adetunbi Ayeni, both Members of the Board of Directors for The Rescue Project. Following this, sandwiched between video presentations which brought many members of the audience to tears was a speaking segment by Committed Committee Member Dr. Quinny Patel, followed by a Musical Interlude by world-renowned Violinist Sooyeon Jun, and transitioned into a speech by The Rescue Project Board Director Edwin Apaloo, followed by another video presentation and musical performance by Frances Rose. At the halfway mark of the event came Keynote Speaker Redeemer Resk ‘Que, founder and Chairman, who gave a personal and heartfelt speech on his upbringing in Africa and how that shaped his business outlook and how he is working to change the world for the better. It was at this point a special surprise award in the honor of and named after Resk ‘Que’s Grandmother, the Dadaa Fifiawoto Adabla Nyamadi Lifetime Achievement and Humanitarian Award, was presented to his mother, Rev. Victoria Nyamadi Amedzekor, as they are both cornerstones of his inspiration to give back, and served as steadfast examples for his entire life. The award is served to those who act as an inspiration and act with love in bettering the lives of others, with many more recipients of this award to come. Following this was the Auction Ceremony headed by famed entrepreneur Bernie Chase. After this, a special fashion show portion began with the NYFW-featured Thai-American Fashion Designer Thunyatorn and her one-of-a-kind designs. Special guests that attended the Benefit Ball included renowned actor Max Ehrich, comedian Chris Distefano, Trinidadian pop opera singer Charisse Mills, Author and Speaker Anthony Gruppo, inspirational speaker and author Rabbi Jo David and well-respected fashion designer Layana Aguilar.


The Vision 2020 Campaign aims to raise $20M by the year 2020, with the proceeds going to aid over 200 million individuals in need all over the world. The main goals of the Vision 2020 Campaign are to provide clean water and sanitation in developing areas, while also ensuring healthy eyesight and basic eye care becoming the standard all across the world as well as training and supplying medical personnel and supplies. The campaign joins the fight for clean water by creating awareness while building and installing wells, filtration systems, irrigation systems, latrines in the selected areas that need it most across the globe. The Vision 2020 Campaign is already well underway in revolutionizing something the rest of the world takes for granted; clean water, proper sanitation and basic eye care, all things that most developing countries are desperately in need of. “This years Vision 2020 ball is rather a special occasion, marking our dedication and commitment to be the change we yearn to see.”  Said Resk ‘Que, “To see so many powerful and influential people come together, all to give aid to specifically children warms my heart. To say tonight was a success is an understatement, if we can continue growth like this next year and the year after, the world will be a markedly better place, and I would like to thank everyone who was in attendance tonight. I look forward to seeing everyone’s faces again next year with even more new ones! Here’s to going even bigger and spreading even more awareness next year!”


THE RESCUE PROJECT is a dedicated project of HAVEN HANDS INC. aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for those in need. With a genuine passion for protecting the health and well-being of those deprived of necessities throughout the world, The Rescue Project believes that increasing access to such a simple element of life, water, can change the lives of millions. The project, backed by and named after its founder and chairman, Resk ‘Que, is targeted to focus on Sub-Saharan African countries, but upholds an objective to advocate for healthy drinking water in Asia, Haiti, East Europe, Latin America and everywhere else that clean drinking water is scarce.

HAVEN HANDS INC. is the umbrella organization of THE RESCUE PROJECT, a humanitarian organization, that provides resources and assistance during the times of need during times of natural disaster and tragedies to people affected, especially to children. HAVEN HANDS’ priorities are on children who are disabled, sick and/ or left orphaned around the world. HAVEN HANDS prioritizes child welfare services above all things. Providing quality foster care, education and adoption services domestically and internationally.

To donate or to view more information on Vision 2020,  please visit: or For further press inquiries, please contact Von Vera, BFDPR, Communications Manager, Email: Phone: +1 212-300-3827.